Looking to get your Cubs started on their advancements over the summer? Feel free to use these guides as a starting point to aid in their journeys. Click the den name to download the corresponding PDF.

Summertime Jump Start

Chartered Organization Representative: Denise Maggard Is the direct contact between the pack and our chartered organization. This individual is also the organization’s contact with the district committee and the local council. Committee Chair: Chanika Moses Have all committee positions filled, call and preside at regular monthly meetings of committee and […]

Our Committee

The Bovay Scout Ranch  is located just south of Navasota and is a favorite camping spot for Pack 350 to kick off the new Scout Year (the school year).  The boys have a chance to experience the first camping trip of the season with the wonderful organized activities that help them […]

Camping at Bovay

Mention hiking to adults and the responses vary widely, from envisioning a leisurely walk on the cart path after an errant ball to through hiking all 2200 miles of the Appalachian Trail.  For Pack 350 what a Pack Hike really entails lies somewhere in the middle, if the middle entails […]

Your First Pack Hike!

One of the biggest questions that new or perspective Cub Scout parents have after “what is required of my child” is “what is required of me?”  What is required of your scout is fairly straight forward, the requirements can be found here.  What is required of you the parents isn’t […]

What Can Be Expected (As A New Cub Scout Parent)

Your son or daughter is finishing Kindergarten, congratulations.  Did you know that you don’t have to wait until the new school year to start Cub Scouts?  For boys and girls starting the first grade they can start with Pack 350 in the summer. Cub Scout Day Camp Each summer at […]

Headed To The 1st Grade, Now What?

Is your child a new Tiger Scout or maybe your child is a little older and just getting started; perhaps you’re curious about Cub Scouts and are a little worried about what sort of gear you will need when it is time to go camping.  Many of us took that […]

Your First Pack Camp-out!

Ah yes, besides popcorn, Pinewood Derby is one of those iconic images that people tend to have when they think of Scouting and Cub Scouts get to be in on the fun too.  New Cub Scout parents or families considering giving Cub Scouts a try this is a low key, […]

Pinewood Derby!