Headed To The 1st Grade, Now What?

Your son or daughter is finishing Kindergarten, congratulations.  Did you know that you don’t have to wait until the new school year to start Cub Scouts?  For boys and girls starting the first grade they can start with Pack 350 in the summer.

Cub Scout Day Camp

Each summer at Camp Howdy here in College Station, Texas a wonderful day camp is held for 1st through 5th graders.  Five weekdays in June your son or daughter is introduced to Cub Scouts and has a great time learning new things and making new friends.  Along the way they will get a head start on their advancements to earn the Bobcat badge and Tiger badge.  So when the first Pack meeting of the fall starts your new Cub Scout gets the excitement of being recognized for their effort and work with the presentation of the awards and advancements that they earned at camp.

For more information about and registration for the Arrowmoon District Summer Day Camp please follow this link:  http://arrowmoon.shac.org/day-camp

Pack 350 Summer Activities

It is hot outside, so the summer activities takes that into account.  We, the other Cub Scout parents, don’t want to be outside in the heat either, so the summer activities often include outings like ice skating, swimming, bowling or other weather appropriate activities.  Your son or daughter is making new friends while having a great time while you are meeting other parents who are happy to have you join them.  Once your child joins Pack 350 then you will receive e-mails and notifications from ScoutBook with details as the activities are scheduled.

At Home Activities

Summer break is often more fun for the child than the parent who sometimes struggles to keep their children engaged in activities that don’t involve staring at the TV all day long.  By starting Cub Scouts in the summer you have ready made Activities in the Cub Scouts awards that can be worked on.  Using the Tiger Cub book your young Cub Scout could learn the Scout Law, they can work on bicycle safety, check off requirements by showing new swimming skills, make a birdhouse out of a used milk carton and the list continues.  It takes some of the pressure off of you the parent in trying to make up activities for your child.  Summertime Jump Start(opens in a new tab)

Contact Pack 350 today and/or visit a Pack meeting to find out more!